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Our Life Together

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9 October 1979
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This is the joint journal of trinasmurf & exist_2_inspire Better known as Trina and Crystal. We also have a MySpace you can check out Myspace.com/Trina_Crys if you like. We're bisexuals in a lesbian relationship to state it in a PC way.

We've been together for 4 years.

And plan on being together forever!

Follow us on Twitter if you like:

Crystal: http://twitter.com/CrysLovesTrina
Trina: http://twitter.com/TrinaLovesCrys

Our biggest obsession is Pro Wrestling..

We also love reading and writing. We write poems, short stories and wrestling Fan fics.

Our other great love is music.

That's pretty much it...Boring I know but if you love us you'll read this crappy ass journal anyways

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We love Swagbucks you can trade them for all sorts of giftcards! Give it a try to won't be sorry!

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